How to Optimize On-Page SEO for your website?

What is On-Page SEO?

On-Page SEO refers to optimize your website content, HTML and page titles. Well optimize website get organic traffic.

It is a best practice to optimize your website individual pages to get relevant traffic.

On-Page SEO should focus on Page Title, Meta Description, Heading Tags, Keywords & Content.

Why on-Page SEO Important?

Search engine always read high quality contestant of the website. The website HTML should be well optimized. The title tag and meta description should written unique and SEO standard.

To get organic SEO, The On-Page is most important.

There are lot of green signal if you will need organic traffic if the website will be well optimized.

In this point, we cover 7 most important trick to improve On-Page SEO.

Optimize Content

Your website content should be SEO and user friendly. When you write the content it should exactly what the page is for, unique and relevant.

When you right content, Think that your target audience can read it.

User friendly content help you to achieve organic traffic.

Optimize Title Tag

Well define title tag attract your users and its improve SEO result. The title should be meaning full of the paragraph and it’s well organized with HTML tag with H1

Try to include some keywords into title. Make sure the title should not be too long that user feel boring to read long.

Define it short and smart to cover your website paragraph in one sentence.

Meta Description

Meta description provide what page is for. It should define with the unique content with SEO standard length of the words.

Do not try to write lot of things. Write unique and exactly as your page is about. Better descriptive about the page and proper sentence.

Optimizing the correct way the Meta description help to improve traffic.

Many users read the page short description in google search listing nowadays. To generate organic result need unique and creative meta description integrated in website.

Optimize Images

The website should have great and meaningful images integrated. Better use experience always help to drive organic traffic.

Do not user lot of images, find some good images and icons. The images should be exactly what your page content about is.

All images should optimized to achieve the website page load. Well define and meaningful convince user to trust on your website.

Optimize Keywords

Targeting keyword give more result of the page. The keyword should be exactly what about your page.

Long tail keywords always help for better search result in Google.

Do not use the same keywords to other website pages. Use unique and SEO friendly and exactly as per target audience.

If you can use the same keywords to the other pages then you are doing competition yourself.

Optimize ALT Tag

Alternative tag uses for web accessibility. It’s describe what image is for. That help google bots to understand your website image and show the result according.

Do not use generic and duplicate ALT tag with images.

All the images should define well Alt tag with properly image and section about it.

Search engine bot crawl the alt text. It will be a lot of chance to improve your page rank and organic traffic if it is exactly write the alt tax.

Internal links

Always the website have more than one pages. Most of the business need to show products or their services to their audience.

Setup the proper internal links to the yourwordpress website pages. You can see great crawl rate after google bot crawl the pages.

Do not add all the pages links to the one page. Just add two are three inside pages links that relevant of pages.

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