5 Best Backup Plugins For WordPress Website

Taking regular backup of your website is a best practice and safe way to secure your website.

Many websites are hack every day. The hacker deletes some WordPress core files. And, integrate some malware code to the site files which affect your business users.

If you take your website backup timely then it helps you to restore immediately and it saves your time.

Let me provide you the best backup plugin for WordPress website. It is free and paid the best plugin for backup wordpress. Which is helping to take a back up very quick and secure.


UpdraftPlus is a free WordPress plugin to make a website back up. It is easy to use, trusted, and comprehensive plugin for any WordPress website.

 It’s helpful if your website hacked, the server crashed, and some auto-updates on the website.

 You can take backup manually. Or scheduled for your all WordPress website files, MySQL Database, and plugins.

 You can set schedules as hourly, daily, weekly, fortnight, and monthly. It has great and easy options to restore the website from the WordPress admin panel.

UpdraftPlus have a premium version. Also if you have a large website, multiple websites on a server with advanced features.


Website security is always most important to protect your business data. If your website files get malware, bad commands and delete the files. Then you can easily restore your website from backup files.

Backupuddy is another popular WordPress plugin. That allows you to take your website back up and save a life.

 Within a few click backup buddy take your website back up. It has 5 steps to follow up a full back up.

 Generally, other back up takes a database back up. And Backup buddy takes complete backup from WordPress installation.

Backupuddy takes back up for your website. Such as Theme files, Plugins files, Widgets, Pages, Posts, Comments, Theme & Plugins settings, WordPress settings, Databases, WordPress core files, Users, Media library uploads, Custom Post Type, and Images/video.

Jetpack Backup

Did you know that your theme files and plugins conflict with your WordPress site?

If you inset the jetpack back up the plugin in your website. That helps to take real-time full website back up and just one click to restore your website.

Sometimes you or your WordPress developer try something and break your website unexpectedly buy Spotify Plays. Jetpack recommended plugin that saves you time and money.

If your site goes down for some time then you will lose your work, time, and money. Jetpack backup is a powerfully off-site solution that protects your website.

It is not a free plugin. But with premium plugin have great support. Such as automotive real-time backup, One-click restore, Unlimited secure storage, and support.

BoldGrid Backup

BoldGrid Backup is a powerful and secure backup plugin for WordPress websites.

It is easy to install and take your full website files automated backup. You can download, restore back up, and delete back up with a single click.

In case your website needs any plugin updates. WordPress updates or page/post updates, take a backup before you update your website. After the updates, if your website breaks, simply restore a backup without any fail.

BoldGrid back up provides amazing features like individual file restoration, Control automatic updates, and remote storage options.


BlogVault is the most reliable WordPress backup plugin. There are 400,000+ sites have installed with great feedback.

It provides secure cloud backups, Inbuilt free staging, bulk site updates. These features can help to take full back up of your WordPress website.

Stop spending extra time to repair your website. And save your money to pay a WordPress developer to make your website as before. BlogVault backup always helps you.

BlogVault provides features like Incremental backups, FREE offsite storage, changelogs, and multi-site backup support.

All the above plugins are free and paid. Also, all have some pros and cons. But overall they provide a good WordPress website backup to recover your website.

Nobody has time to take an online backup for wordpress plugin every day manually with FTP or Cpanel. To take an automated back is for the eCommerce website and large website.

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